Construction set designed to give enjoyment while encouraging creative ability and manipulative skills.

Brightly coloured pieces that can be built into a variety of constructions.

Marbles race through the maze of cylinders, bridges, obstacles, roll out at the bottom and then start over again.

Endless combinations to be formed from those set which offers lots of play value.

Combine different sets to have more fun!

Fits with all MARBULOUS and ROLLIBLOCK marble mazes.

Material: ABS plastic

Collectable set with 281, 282, 283, and 284.

Collect 4 sets together to have more fun!

Attractive marble run is made from strong plastic in bright colours

Track and marbles glow in the dark

Cool translucent pieces, let you see all the action.

Design and build hundreds of different raceways!


Marble maze with high elevator that sends marbles continuously around the transporter.

Start the elevator, watch the marbles as they reach the top and then make their way through the passage you have constructed.

Battery operated. 2”C” size batteries (not included).